For any company maintaining data back up/servers is the most crucial task and most fail to recognize that creating data center environment is not only costly but time consuming and needs lot of resource allocation. It is always better for a company to go for co-location hosting and be least worried about maintaining temperature and controlling humidity for their servers.

The only companies that can host their servers on their own would possibly be companies, who own data center premises and exists given the nature of the business, the required temperatures /power supply is required to be maintained by business as a regulation.

Cons of hosting at own premises:

  • Adequate power supply
  • 24*7 back up
  • Dedicated staff to run regular back ups

To summarize and additional resource consuming task with no output, same resources can be used for completing other tasks crucial for business.

Benefits of co-location Hosting Services

  • 24*7*365 data center access
  • Hassle free maintenance
  • Expandable racks on requirement, makes scalability easier.
  • Auto back up configured and real time data update if configured with cloud services.

All of this and much more, you can contact us and we shall be glad to answer any of your questions.