It allows businesses to manage and control individual user access on internet and helps to prevent unauthorized access to their network without the expense of an on site equipment.

For a firm with multiple locations it becomes equally challenging to control the internet traffic. To put it simply if the company has to manage the firewall on its own, the company would incur the cost of equipment at each location and employ a resource that actively makes changes and monitors the traffic.

This is where network based firewall service comes in handy, it saves your equipment cost and the resource can be utilized for other critical roles than monitoring the internet traffic and configuring firewall.

Few Benefits of having a managed firewall service are:

  • Reduce Cost – eliminates the need to install on site firewall and dedicated internet connectivity at each location.
  • Increase Management Control – Greater control by having a central application of security policy across all locations.
  • Maximum Productivity – IT resource of the organisation can be used for other crucial network decisions than day to day firewall management.
  • Maximum Utilisation – Effective routing of internet traffic in the event of congestion of main circuit.

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