Why VinaKom

  • Managed SD-WAN Services
  • Superior MPLS Managed Network and Engineering Services with multilayered QoS
  • Customized Network solutions with Managed services
  • Network Reliability with high level of security
  • Structured Implementation Methodology
  • One-Touch Customer Care


Vinakom at ITW 2016 – May 9th – 11th

An experience which no telecom company should miss, ITW is the world’s largest meeting for the global wholesale telecommunications community with 6,318 delegates and 1900+ companies.

Vinakom business development team attended this year’s conference with an exhibitor booth to showcase the company’s complete suite of IT solutions including the 900+ mile metro fiber optic network and multiple data centers. Over the three days of ITW, the team was able to meet several global companies that were in need of a leading Chicago-land CLEC to provide secure, reliable and cost effective network transport capabilities to their end users.

Vinakom team was able to …

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Should you maintain your own data center or hire hosting services?

For any company maintaining data back up/servers is the most crucial task and most fail to recognize that creating data center environment is not only costly but time consuming and needs lot of resource allocation. It is always better for a company to go for co-location hosting and be least worried about maintaining temperature and controlling humidity for their servers.

The only companies that can host their servers on their own would possibly be companies, who own data center premises and exists given the nature of the business, the required temperatures /power supply is required to be maintained by business as …

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Do You Need Managed Firewall Services?


It allows businesses to manage and control individual user access on internet and helps to prevent unauthorized access to their network without the expense of an on site equipment.

For a firm with multiple locations it becomes equally challenging to control the internet traffic. To put it simply if the company has to manage the firewall on its own, the company would incur the cost of equipment at each location and employ a resource that actively makes changes and monitors the traffic.

This is where network based firewall service comes in handy, it saves your equipment cost …

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Partner Program

We are committed to the success of our Business Partners and Resellers. We are dedicated to providing the required services.

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Vinakom’s Software Defined – Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

Vinakom SD-WAN’s intelligent software can be seamlessly integrated alongside your current WAN. After deployment, the SD-WAN will recognize and route applications and traffic through the public internet or your private network according to protocols, policies and app-specific SLAs that your company defines and manages through a single pane of glass. Vinakom’s SD-WAN simplifies your network operations, lowers your ongoing operational costs, and improves critical cloud-based business application performance including VoIP, video and call center.

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National Coverage Area

We have our own fiber installed over 650 miles in Chicago Greaterland area and we continue to expand in and around. We are the second largest owner of fiber in Illinois other than AT&T and have the topology designed with 99.9% redundancy.

VinaKom Fiber Map

VinaKom Managed Data Centers

  • 24×7 Access & backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Security
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Secure Location

VinaKom Data Center Brochure PDF

VinaKom MPLS

  • Prioritize Network Traffic
  • MPLS over Ethernet
  • Multilayered Quality of Service
  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Data Packet Exchange
  • VOIP Ready

VinaKom Fiber Network

Over 650 miles of Vinakom Fiber in Chicago which covers the following:

  • LATA 358
  • Northern Indiana
  • Rockford Area